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TiKs, a new local currency?

One of the ideas we have come up with, to strengthen wider links with the Kings Langley community, is a local currency. These are often called LETS schemes (local exchange trading systems). Our unit of currency is to be called a TiK but we are still researching the viability of the scheme and its legal and economic implications.

Rectory Farm

Planting at Rectory Farm, Gade Valley Close, Kings Langley WD4 8HG

In principle, our scheme will be more akin to a timebank. Timebanking is a means of exchange used to organise people and organisations around a particular purpose, where time is the principal currency. In TiK’s case, this is food-growing  For every hour participants volunteer to dig, ‘deposit’ in a timebank and earn units of the timebank currency, they are able to ‘withdraw’ equivalent support or products in time when they want to purchase the results of their joint work.

Later in the year, we are organising a Farmers Market in Kings Langley and it is anticipated that our produce will be sold for TiKs, giving those who have deposited time — and earnt TiKs — a head start. Those with no TiK balance will need to buy TiKs with sterling and we anticipate an exchange rate based around an hour’s work for the minimum wage.

Rectory Farm community food initiative gets under way

A Kings Langley landowner has generously allowed Transition in Kings (TiK) to use fallow land at Rectory Farm as a site for planting crops. The site has some business tenants, some of whom have already shown some interest in our crop planting.

John Morrish at Rectory Farm

John Morrish mows the area around the vegetable beds.

In April, the land was mown and twelve strips rotovated, with the help of a local farmer. A group of TiK volunteers has planted 700 leeks, 500 potatoes, some beetroot, chard, spinach, runner beans, strawberries, foxgloves and herbs. Compost piles have been established, endless watering, hoeing and weeding. Volunteer John Morrish heroically spent four hours mowing, with the help of a sit-on mower kindly lent by Taylor’s Tools. Seedlings are being raised at various private dwellings, to be planted soon.

Anyone can get involved and come along at the following times:

Thursday 10:00-12:00

Saturday 14:00-16:00

Sunday 10:00-12:00

Rectory Farm’s gate is locked outside the working day. It is on Gade Valley Close, off Rectory Lane. Volunteers’ time will be logged and we hope to launch our own timebank currency, TiKs, which could be exchanged for products from the harvest later in the summer.