Monthly Archives: August 2016

Inner Transition – The People Petal

Samina Ali – TiK People Petal and Inner Transition Lead

Following a successful six years of Transition in Kings (TiK) – a local manifestation of the growing international Transition Town Network – the Inner Transition subgroup was created, called the ‘People Petal’. To date, TiK’s subgroups have been focused on food, energy, transport and economy, which have been appropriately entitled ‘Petals’ in accordance with the embedded theme of nature, and environmental grassroots action on climate change, also represented in our logo. This is now the time to make a shift…putting the people back at the heart of TiK, as it’s the people that actively make this community happen.

When people get involved with a Transition Town of this kind, it can take up many extra personal hours, and is often navigated around already busy lives with work and family and other commitments. This has been shown to lead to “burn out” in many of these intentional communities, which results in the death of projects and decreased motivation due to the complete exhaustion of its contributors. Inner Transition is a movement of intention adopted to help prevent this from happening.

As a result of creating the People Petal back in November 2015, the members of TiK now have a monthly gathering that focuses on the individuals who attend, where they can speak freely about their interests, appreciations, concerns, challenges, and vulnerabilities without interruption, and with the dedicated “heartful” attention of the group. It offers a nourishing and supportive space that can be difficult to make time for in busy societies, but is nevertheless crucial for humanity.

Another arm of the People Petal offers support with ‘tension and conflict’ resolution through coaching, mediation, training, and facilitated circle work, in order to help build deeper and more resilient relationships. This is crucial for any diverse groups that have come together with a common passion. Many of us have different ideas and ways of doing things, and so it is vital to work through ways of meeting, whilst being inclusive of a variety of needs, and whilst moving towards agreed goals.

The third, and most recent arm of the People Petal, is involved with paying special attention to new members of TiK so that their skills and interests are aligned with the Petals of best fit, and they can clearly see where they can get involved and make a difference.

Inner Transition relates to the internal transformation an individual and collective community need to undergo in order to maintain resilience, whilst weathering the storms, or floating along with the natural ebb and flow of our ever-changing external and internal environment. Therefore, effort and care need to be placed with respect to everyone involved and their inner worlds, so that we come together as a stronger force than any single one of us and, of course, with any of you who decide to join us – you are all very welcome!

I believe, if we look after and nourish the people of TiK, TiK will cultivate a successful and supportive community because, although the sum is greater than its parts, it is the people of TiK that make TiK happen.