Our vision

In a series of Open Meetings during 2012, we developed our Community Vision.

“Our vision of Kings Langley in 2040  is one of a resilient, collaborative and inter-dependent community that meets the needs of its residents using local and renewable resources.  The local economy thrives, with community initiatives that encourage and sustain local enterprises. These are underpinned by relevant and inclusive sustainable education, health and communication systems.”

We will do this through:

Opportunities for change ~ providing a forum for ideas and a structure for effecting change by organising open meetings, events and discussion groups and by initiating petals (e.g. food, energy, water, transport).

Catalyst ~ creating space or roles for other people to take part and do things; identifying and developing local leadership.

Local support ~ engage with other local community groups, e.g. church groups, WI, local government and other interested parties.

Inspiration by example ~e.g. actively communicating with the wider community. Trying things out and communicating our efforts and examples. Regularly reflecting on and evaluating our efforts and the lessons learned.

Common purpose ~ connecting and integrating, e.g. with other neighbouring Transitions or like-minded groups for initiatives and peer group support, sharing and participating in others’ events. Synergising skills across the groups.