Grand Union Community Energy Ltd. (GUCE – pronounced “juice”) is an initiative of Transition in Kings to establish a Community Benefit Society with the aim of “improving local community resilience in the face of increasing energy costs and climate change

Our Business Plan and the Rules of the Society can be viewed online.

We are very grateful to the Co-operative Enterprise Hub for their guidance in developing our plans, and for the grant of £784 towards registering GUCE with the Financial Conduct Authority. We are currently negotiating with schools in the area to install solar PV panels on their roofs.

On 19th October 2012, members of the Transition teams in Kings Langley, Abbotts Langley and Hemel Hempstead met with employees of RES (Renewable Energy Systems Ltd.) to explore ideas for a local energy co-operative with Mike Smyth, who has implemented several successful community energy schemes. Mike described some of the projects he has worked on through Energy4All.

Minutes of the meeting can be viewed here, and the following table summarises our conclusions:

Sources of renewable energy
Source Factors to consider
Solar PV panels Relatively low risks from planning, guaranteed income from Feed In Tariff (FIT)
Wind turbines Critically dependent on location. Large projects with high up front costs and planning risk, but higher income
Biomass heating Best installed close to renewable sources, e.g managed woodlands. Guaranteed income from Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)


At subsequent meetings of TiK the idea of a local energy co-operative was explored further, and the Grand Union Energy Co-operative was initiated.