Membership and Roles


TiK Membership is subject to a minimum of £5 a year to support running TiK — room hire, and admin costs. If you are not in full-time, paid-employment, a lower, minimum rate is available on application.

Non-Members may attend an Open Meeting or join a Community Farm Dig but have no voting rights and are not able to hold a role in TiK.

TiK Membership also gives access to the Transition in Kings Timebanking Scheme (TiKTS). Joining TiKTS direct costs £10.

Governance and Roles

As far as possible, we maintain an open system of governance. Rather than being governed by a top-down, autocratic Committee, the core management group is called the Tiking Team and the composition of the team is laid out in the Constitution.

Secretary) all elected at the AGM

…plus Members who have taken on a Role to cover the necessary actions needed for the smooth running of  TiK.

The logo of Transition in Kings is a flower and the Petals (Groups) represent the various Projects that TiK is involved in — Food; Energy; Economy; Transport; People; Communications.

From each Petal, a Lead Link (Petal facilitator and the Role that upholds the Purpose of the Petal) is appointed by the TiKing Team and attends the TiKing Team meetings to represent the Petal.

There is also a Rep Link who creates a second link from the Tiking Team to the Petal and this person attends the meetings of that Petal as well as attending Tiking Team meetings. The Rep Link is an elected Role used to represent the interests of a Petal to the Tiking Team. The Lead Link of a Petal should not serve as the Rep Link of that Petal.

In this way, there are always two channels of communication and clear governance between the Tiking Team and each Petal.