It’s so easy to get down into the sustainable energy ‘doing’ mode.  However, it’s vital to get our heads out of the busy tasks and the other roles we play within our daily lives – jobs, families, other commitments – and STOP, take stock, breathe, re-focus and shift into ‘being’ mode. Doing that together builds strong sustainable cultures, but like our land, these relationships with ourselves and others need much nurturing.

As Rob Hopkins (the founder of The Transition Network) wrote: “Inner Transition can be named ‘the heart and soul’ of transition. ….any successful Transition process needed to be as much about the inner life of the people and groups making it happen, with attention paid to group health, dynamics and resilience, as it needed to be about solar panels, carrots, and Energy Descent Plans.”

The People Petal Lead Link, Samina Ali

“My name is Samina, and having joined TiK in March 2015, I was immediately struck by how far King’s Langley had journeyed, and what they had successfully created as a Transition Town.

I immediately volunteered on their local Community Farm…what better way to spend my Thursday mornings, especially after I’d put it out to the universe that I wanted to get more involved with a Transition Town movement, and on a separate note, wanting to get involved in local organic farming or work on an allotment. Amazing!

So I find myself becoming a part of TiK, and very soon realising the gap…an arm within TiK that puts the people at the forefront of everything. Consequently the ‘People Petal’ was born”.

TiK Inner Transition aims:

  • Developing deeper connections between TiK Members through mutual discovery.
  • Remembering social aspects are integral to sustainable communities.
  • Spending time with one another outside of task-oriented meetings and away from goals and actions.
  • A chance to appreciate one another’s individual contributions.
  • Learning how to communicate more effectively with others as a path to building stronger communities that are attractive for others to join.
  • Becoming more conscious of our own ways of communicating, our interests, strengths and growth opportunities.

Current activity

  • Monthly Speaking Circle for creating deeper intimacy and connection
  • Social gatherings
  • Weaving our learning into other Petals
  • Other ideas are likely to evolve and be nurtured over time within this newly-formed Petal.


Monthly Speaking Circle:


Anyone to do with TiK!


  • 3rd Wednesday of every month
  • 7.30-9.15pm
  • Successful Launch happened: 16th Dec 2015


Various venues. Circulated via TiK News so get yourself on their mailing list!


Facilitated and held space for a speaking circle, with presence and relating at the heart of it. Time and space to authentically share what is alive for you right now as a member of the TiK group – personally. Being welcomed as you are, and without judgement.


“Inner Transition groups create places where people come together to deepen their connections, to find support and share feelings such as fear and vulnerability, to strengthen qualities of trust, compassion, acceptance, and to explore profound questions about the kind of world we are transitioning towards.”

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