Transition in Kings (TiK) supports a number of independent groups which we call Petals, to represent the sub-divisions of our metaphorical flower parent.

Any volunteer can work in any Petal but, from May 2016, TiK Membership will be formalised and only paid-up Members will be able to take on Roles in each Petal and the governing group, the Tiking Team.

So far, the established Petals are:

Energy, including GUCE Limited, the community energy company.
Food, including the Community Farm, the allotment and the monthly Food Market.
Economy, including a timebanking scheme and Reconomy.
People, about inner change and resilience.
Transport, just getting off the ground.

Communications is a Petal which supports TiK and all the other Petals by running a website, newsletter, social media and media relations.

The monthly Open Meeting is a forum (and technically a Petal!) for discussing new ideas and initiatives and is open to everyone.