Regional currency

In late 2014, we attended a conference to launch the Guild of Independent Currencies.

Guild of Independent Currencies logo

The Guild was formed at the Conference

Seventy delegates representing currency schemes from around the country gathered in Bristol in November for the UK’s first conference of independent currencies. Four of us attended from Grand Union (GURCA – Grand Union Regional Currency Association – our working title). Transition in Kings (TiK) has led this initiative, so far.

GURCA includes an area running from Ricksmansworth, up the Gade Valley and Grand Union Canal, to Tring and includes local authorities in Three Rivers, Watford, St Albans and Dacorum.

Ivor Kellock, Robert Mostyn

TiK Economy delegates Ivor Kellock and Robert Mostyn

The main aims of a local currency are economic independence and insulation from a national currency that is misused by bankers and government, local economic development, micro-credit which can be impossible in Sterling, taking control of our future on a regional basis and encouraging local trading and independence from international corporations.