How to get involved

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We are all so flooded by information about climate change, flooding, carbon emissions and other environmental trends that it is sometime difficult to know what we, as ordinary citizens, can do about sustainability. The challenge is too big, too overwhelming.

On a local level, however, you can do something

Transition in Kings (TiK) is a local group which has made huge strides in meeting the challenge on a local level. Amongst other achievements, TiK has established a local energy company which is now launching an initiative Sustainability Kings Langley as a route to Carbon Zero, and a community farm which supplies produce to the monthly High Street Market.

TiKoff Farm

There are several ways you can get involved with Transition in Kings (TiK):

  1. Come along to one of our monthly Open Meetings which are open to everyone and this will help you decide how you could get involved;
  2. Join us on one of our regular voluntary work sessions at our community farm based at Rectory Farm in Kings Langley on Thursdays: 10am – 11.30 am or Sundays : 10am – 12 noon;
  3. Sign up to the newsletter on the form to the right of this page;
  4. Check out our Events page for more details and see what else interests you.

Work at the farm is sociable and good exercise. You will learn about sustainable horticulture and you can take away ideas to grow food yourself. There is a clubhouse, the Hub, where shelter and drinks are available.

Current Activities

With over 30 active TiK  Members, and 360 on our contact list and in our community, we are seeing tangible results from our initiatives: this list of activities demonstrates some of the practical steps we are taking to move towards a low carbon economy.

There’s lots to do, so do come and join in if you can…it’s very rewarding work..and fun too. Contact us at or on 07710 191550.